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Updated Jan 2019

What Canoe (Open/Canadian)?




Open Canoes - >3m  long - Good for the flat water (lakes, estuaries) and sea trips of any length. Long  means fast and straight running. Can be taken down most of the river trips as  well with appropriate buoyancy bags. Can be paddled solo or tandem (generally) and have lots of room for children, dogs, picnics, etc.

For choosing an Open Canoe there is an equally complex choice - ask  Tash or Geoff for advice or try the various club ones for size... As a  club we have most recently bought Mad River Canoes - Legend 15 and  Reflection 15 in Royalex with vinyl gunwales.

Also look at the Open Canoe Association as they have lots of information, films on paddling technique by Bill  Mason, and organize trips (i.e. Bob’s Open Canoe weekend in July). The great Bill Mason canoe stroke videos are linked from here...

Here is a good document on one way to fit out an open  canoe - painters, buoyancy, lacing, kneeling twart -> Open Canoe Outfitting (14MB so it might take a while  to download).

A site found by Tom Kealy for help in repairing cracks  in Canadian Canoes:
 Repairing a Royalex Canoe with G/flex Epoxy. You can get the G/flex from various  places, including: Robbins Timber in  Bristol.


Choosing open canoe paddles - Have a look at Grey Owl Paddles site and the Open Canoe Association  discussion forums...


Open Canoe Sailing Rig

Here is an easy method of turning canoes into a  catamaran/trimaran with a simple  sailing rig - all you need is poling poles, a  groundsheet and few pieces of rope.

Canoe Info & Shops:

AS Watersports - local canoe/kayak shop in Exeter, Devon.

Bournemouth Canoes - Canoe/Kayak shop in Upton, Poole.

Open Canoe Association
Lots of advice for open canoes.

Song of  the Paddle
Open canoe reviews, advice, and  discussion

 Mad River Canoes
Range of open canoes

Canoeing Books

"Path of the Paddle - An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing" -  Bill Mason.Considered by many to be the ultimate book  for the canoeist.

"Canoeing" - Ray  Goodwin
Good information on canoeing, strokes, river running,  etc.

"South West Sea Kayaking" - Mark Rainsley
How to canoe from the Isle of Wight to the Severn Estuary in stages. Can be tailored to shorter trips along the coast. Lots of good information about the conditions on each section.

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